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Hi there,

my guess is you are here because you own a brand or company.
The business plan is solid, the strategy incredible and you know it’s bound to be successful. But you feel that the visual appearance does not translate your business values.

”Good design is good business.”

– Thomas Watson Jr., American Businessman

Maybe you tried designing a logo and built the website yourself. But you’re not attracting as many leads & customers as you had hoped. On top of that you need more marketing material than initially anticipated. And don’t get started on the incohesiveness of it all…

Sound familiar?

Many of my clients struggled with this, or got something done for cheap. Only to realize you best not try to save on money when your businesses success relies on it.

”Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

– Paul Rand, American Art Director and Graphic Designer

You have probably arrived at the point where you are fed up. Or you’re lucky to have skipped the frustrating part mentioned above. Maybe you just started your business and are happy to hand over the design responsibilities to someone you feel you can trust.

”Design adds value faster than it adds costs.”

– Joel Spolsky, CEO Stack Overflow, Software Developer

What you want for your business is a functional, sleek and thoughtful design. So you’re considering to invest in a professionally designed logo, identity and website.

But isn’t that expensive?

”If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

– Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO Jaguar

Investing in your business is a crucial step to success. Why should someone back you financially or buy your product if you don’t  invest into your own business?

Here’s where I can help!

By creating a strategic & refined design that attracts your target audience and helps them navigate their way around, I help you take a giant – but often overlooked – step towards success!

And don’t fret!

I offer branding + website design packages tailored to the your business, its needs and your budget. Additionally, I offer à la carte packages to fulfill any vision & requirements you may have for your brand. 

“It is great to work with someone so responsive and easy to work with.“ 

– Persistent, Client

Let’s create something you’re proud to show the world and gets your business the results it needs!
Check out more work and the services I offer.

Talk soon,

Larissa Wiens
Creative Director & Visual Designer

Read more testimonials below.

Absolutely fantastic. So easy to deal with, Larissa produces excellent results and really listened to what we wanted and our input. I couldn't recommend her enough to anybody.
Ballet Piano Podcast / London, United Kingdom

It is great to work with someone so responsive and easy to work with. Larissa has been able to grasp our needs, and always gets us final products in a timely manner. She has been able to take our input into account and provide what we want, but also gives honest advice on what she thinks we could improve or change to better represent our brand.
Persistent / Zurich, Switzerland

Larissa will get the job done in a swift fashion. Working with her is a pleasure. Larissa is a definite great hire!
SellanApp / Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Larissa is highly motivated and a really good team player, as well as a good personal manager. She has the ability to make complex concepts and knows the balance between fast and good, which makes her a good addition in a project. I enjoyed working with her, both as a person and as being skilled and dedicated and would highly recommend her for a possible future job appliance.
Mattmo / Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Larissa works fast and passionately and is always able to quickly implement my visions into outstanding graphics.
Lucky Vegan / Berlin, Germany

I love the logo. Clean, simple, yet powerful.
Ignite for PSI Europe / Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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